September 25, 2017 • NEWS

We’ll See About That

‘We’ll See About That’

Reggie Thomas launches video spelling out his campaign priorities including Medicare for All, raising minimum wage, and eliminating student debt

Lexington, KY (September 25, 2017): Kentucky State Senator Reggie Thomas’ (D) campaign today launched the first in a series of web videos spelling out priorities of his campaign in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional district.

In addition to calling for Medicare for All, raising the minimum wage and eliminating student debt, Thomas also took on Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s plan to reduce pensions promised to Kentucky teachers, police, firefighters and other state workers.

In the direct and forceful video, Thomas says, “I want to tell you what I’m for and what I’m against. I am for Medicare for All, a single payer health care system for everyone that will save money and save lives. I am against President Trump, Andy Barr, Mitch McConnell and their attempts to take health insurance away from 500,000 Kentuckians. I am against Governor Matt Bevin’s plan to reduce pensions that were promised to Kentucky teachers, police, firefighters and other state workers.”

“Senator Thomas has been clear from the start that making affordable health insurance available to families and businesses is his top priority. Andy Barr’s loyalties are with the big Wall Street banks and big insurance companies. Reggie believes healthcare is a right for American citizens. No one should have to choose between health care for their family or putting food on the table,” said Thomas’ campaign manager Leo Haggerty.

In addition to talking about the issues important to him the video also spells out Thomas’ deep ties to the community and the central Kentucky district.

“We shot this video in Kentucky with a Kentucky-based film crew. The locations include a farm here in the bluegrass as well as the historic St. Paul’s AME Church, where he and his family have been members more than 30 years.” Haggerty went on to say. “We feel strongly that to beat Andy Barr we have to make this a Kentucky-focused campaign. We have had candidates try to run national races here, and it never ends well. One of our opponents has a neat video, but I’m not even sure where it was filmed. It doesn’t look like Kentucky.”

This video is the first of several planned videos over the coming weeks and months. “It’s easy to come up with a one-line answer to where you stand on an issue, but Reggie wants the people of the 6th to understand where he stands on the issues and why. That’s why Reggie will have additional videos spelling out in greater detail where he is on all these issues and more.” Haggerty concluded.

Sen. Reggie Thomas was first elected to office in 2013 and currently, serves the people of the 13th District in Fayette County.

To learn more about Reggie Thomas and his campaign you can visit, or


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