October 27, 2017 • NEWS

Reggie Thomas on pension reform

Here is Reggie Thomas’ statement to the Woodford County Pension Rally:


Dear Friends,

I am terribly sorry that I could not attend tonight’s event, but it is important to me that you know that although I am not there physically, I stand with Kentucky’s teachers, first responders, and state workers.

The words “a pension is a promise” is more than a talking point for me; it is a sacred obligation that we as legislators MUST honor. You have done your part.

We must do our part! The current so-called “plan” removes retirement security for employees and places your very livelihood at the whims and fluctuations of the stock market.The governor’s current proposal is more costly, threatens the current system and the financial integrity of state government.Pension reform isn’t an option anymore it is a moral imperative, and it has to start with raising revenue.

I want you to know I am committed to fighting this callous and immoral attack on workers and equally dedicated to finding a way to make all Kentucky retirement system fiscally sound.

Sen. Reggie Thomas

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