June 26, 2017 • ISSUES


Reggie’s mother brought him home to Kentucky after his father died when he was just 14 years old. Through his mother’s inspiration and his own hard work, he graduated from Bryan Station High School, Dartmouth College, and Harvard Law School.

As a young man with a law degree from Harvard, he could have gone anywhere, but for Reggie, there was only one choice… to come home to Kentucky to build a family.

Reggie and his late wife Lynda were blessed with three wonderful children who also graduated from Kentucky public schools and who have gone on to get college degrees, have successful careers and are building families of their own.

There is a connection, a thread that runs from that scared little boy who lost his father way too early to the successful attorney, father, and grandfather who is running for Congress. That connection is education.

Reggie believes that with an education anything is possible.

As a state senator Reggie Thomas has fought against charter schools, and as your Congressman he will continue that fight and fight to ensure Kentucky public schools are community schools, not corporate compounds.

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