February 16, 2018 • NEWS


Thomas is the first candidate in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional District Race to take on guns


FRANKFORT, KY – February 16, 2018: “After horrific school violence in Kentucky earlier this year and in Florida just this week, once again we are being told there is nothing we can do. That, my friends, is a lie.” Thomas said in a video he posted this morning on Facebook (/ReggieThomasKY), Twitter (@ReggieThomasKY) and his website (

He went on to say, “I am so tired of being told there is nothing we can do. Listening to politicians and candidates wring their hands and offer nothing but “thoughts and prayers” makes me feel sick. If we keep sending weak-kneed people to Congress … nothing will ever happen to attack the problem of gun violence in our schools and our society.”

Thomas unveiled a three-point plan called, “The Common Sense Gun Safety Plan.” In it, Thomas calls for: a ban on the sale or possession of military-style weapons and high capacity magazines, universal background checks, and a ban on the sale of weapons to violent felons and the mentally ill.

Thomas added, “This plan might not be perfect … but we have to start somewhere … and this is where I take my stand. If these measures were in place the 19-year old man in Florida would not have had the gun he used to kill 17 people. He would not have been allowed to buy the gun.”

Thomas concluded by saying, “We are past the time for just thoughts and prayers … the time has come for action.”

Of the six Democrats vying for the Democratic Nomination for Congress in Kentucky’s 6th District Thomas is the only candidate who has laid out clear and definitive positions on issue like guns, Medicare-for-all, medical marijuana and more.

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