January 12, 2018 • NEWS


Jackie Robinson, Dr. Martib Luther King Jr. and former Governor Ned Breathtitt March 5, 1964 at the State Capitol in Frankfort

This weekend we celebrate the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and in particular honor and remember this year as the 50th anniversary of his tragic death.

Most Americans still believe in Dr. King’s dream of an America where all of us are judged solely by our conduct and character as opposed to our gender or race. There is no question that America has made tremendous progress in the last fifty years in moving toward a nation of equals, and we are deeply indebted to Dr. King for the sacrifices he made in allowing us to achieve this progress.

It is in the context of this weekend that as a nation borne of the principle that “all men are created equal,” we should be appalled at the remarks made on yesterday by President Trump. His coarse and racist words only reveal that we have a national leader who wants to take America back to a time in which our society was divided along the lines of race, religion and national origin. Even worse, when leaders in the Republican Party, such as Andy Barr, sit silently on the sidelines and say nothing, they embolden the President to become more divisive and hateful in his commentary and actions.

Now more than ever, people across the United States should speak with one loud voice to denounce President Trump’s bigoted words and emphasize that we still embrace the dream of Dr. King. We must reject the President’s bias and hate and reject his allies like Andy Barr who quietly support him. Our pledge this weekend as Americans must continue to be that we are a nation which strives for “liberty and justice for all.”

God bless you,


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