January 8, 2018 • NEWS

Medical Marijuana – It’s Time!

Thomas Voices Support for Medical Marijuana

Lexington State Senator Becomes First Democratic Candidate to Come out in Favor of Medical Marijuana

Frankfort, KY. (January 8, 2018) – State senator and Democratic congressional candidate Reggie Thomas announced Monday that he supports the legalization of medical marijuana both in Kentucky and nationally.

“I believe all Kentuckians and all Americans should have access to medical marijuana,” Thomas said. “Studies from institutions across the country have proven that cannabis is far less dangerous than opioid-based painkillers.”

A study conducted by The New York Times found states that legalized marijuana saw a decrease in opioid-related deaths of 25 percent. Additionally, a McGill University professor’s study revealed that patients who suffered from chronic nerve pain reported a significant reduction in pain after using cannabis.
“Our state has dealt with a severe opioid epidemic for far too long. We must take steps to free our people from devastating addiction and give them a healthier, less addictive alternative to alleviate pain.”

Thomas said he will press for a vote on medical marijuana during the 2018 regular session as a member of the Senate, and promised to vote for legislation that would legalize medical marijuana if elected to Congress.

“I firmly stand in favor of legalizing medical marijuana, and encourage my two fellow Democratic candidates to express their views on the subject as well. The voters in this primary deserve to hear which of us will advocate for policies that will have a positive effect on our community.”
Thomas, a Lexington resident, has served as a state senator for Kentucky’s 13th district since being elected in 2013 and has long been a champion of progressive causes in the Commonwealth. He is running to unseat Rep. Andy Barr. If elected, Thomas would become Kentucky’s first African-American representative in Washington.

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