The Commonwealth of Kentucky has some of the worst healthcare numbers in the country. We have the highest rate of deaths from cancer in the nation. Kentucky’s numbers are almost 30% higher than the national average, and in some counties, in the 6th district, it is nearly 50% higher. We have a congressman who time […]

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Reggie’s mother brought him home to Kentucky after his father died when he was just 14 years old. Through his mother’s inspiration and his own hard work, he graduated from Bryan Station High School, Dartmouth College, and Harvard Law School. As a young man with a law degree from Harvard, he could have gone anywhere, […]

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It’s no secret good paying jobs are hard to come by… Reggie Thomas knows we need to do more to improve the job market. A quality education is one of the keys to doing that, but we must also develop workers with enhanced skills. Because better skills mean higher wages and higher wages equals better […]

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